TAD Reference Series D700 CD / SACD-Player

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to announce the TAD-D700 CD / SACD-Player as the newest addition to its top-of-the-line Reference Series of HiFi Audio components. The D700 incorporates the third-generation Ultra-High Precision Crystal Generator (UPCG) and a variety of other engineering refinements with a focus on the purity of musical expression.

Ultra-High C/N () Master Clock UPCG
The D700 is equipped with TAD’s proprietary Ultra-High C/N Master Clock Circuit. To develop this circuitry, our engineers have refined the physical characteristics of the technology originally developed for high-speed digital communication base stations for achieving high C/N performance. A further tweaking has been made to the circuitry through a series of real-world listening evaluations with a discerning ear. The result is an unprecedented level of accuracy in reproducing signals read out from CD or SACD media, as well as signals fed from external digital sources. In the third-generation UPCG, the oscillator has been upgraded to one with SC-cut crystal to reduce phase noise and achieve even greater audio and C/N performance.

External power supply unit
The D700’s power supply unit is physically separated from the main unit. This design prevents vibrations and leakage magnetic flux from the transformer from affecting the disc-drive unit and sensitive audio circuit inside the main unit. To increase the purity of power supply, the internal coil of the transformer is directly connected to the power supply circuit, minimizing the contact points with lead wires. In addition, terminals for directly connected coils, mounting terminals for motherboards,
and clamping screws are all made of oxygen-free copper coated with nonmagnetic materials to eliminate even the slightest magnetic distortions. A powerful toroidal transformer with a 400 VA power rating – not uncommon in power amplifiers but unheard-of in disc players – powers the audio circuit to achieve greater signal transition performance. The entire power supply is housed in a rigid cast- aluminum monocoque chassis to suppress unwanted vibrations.

Simplified analog audio circuit
TAD’s relentless pursuit of simplicity has culminated in a newly developed current-feedback amplifier that is incorporated into an I/V converter with FET devices – hand-selected and paired by our certified artisans – in its input stage. This design enables an ultra-wide-range signal transmission, resulting in an unprecedented level of accuracy in signal conversion. Our attempt to eliminate magnetic distortion has taken a step further. The nonmagnetic, highly reliable carbon resistors used for feedback resistance contribute to a nonmagnetic signal path.

Parallel-connected Twin differential D/A-converters
Parallel-connected twin Burr-Brown 192kHz/24bit D/A converters help dramatically improve audio performance characteristics, including greater signal-to-noise ratio, linearity, and dynamic range, as well as lower distortion. Audio signals are passed on in their purest form to the analog audio circuit, making it possible to reproduce even minute music signals, resulting in finely detailed and densely textured audio reproduction.

Silent CD / SACD transport mechanism with high precision disc loading
The D700 boasts an upgraded CD/SACD transport mechanism to achieve even greater accuracy in signal reading. The sturdy disc transport mechanism comes with a high-precision loading mechanism that opens and closes the disc tray smoothly, thanks to built-in metal bearings. The pickup employs an infinite conjugate optics system that ensures both stable operation and high-precision signal readout. The rigid disc tray is made of meticulously machined aluminum to suppress vibration and has a vibration-dampening black coating to prevent the diffusion of a laser beam and achieve greater accuracy in signal readout.

Robust low-center-of-gravity construction
The main unit is housed on a sturdy double-layered chassis made of an extra-thick cast-aluminum base with three-point support spikes and a 6 mm-thick copper-plated steel chassis to achieve a low-center-of-gravity construction. This design suppresses vibrations to minimize their effect on the mechanism and audio circuit sitting on the chassis.

Availability and recommended retail prices (incl. 19% VAT):
The Reference Series D700 CD/SACD-Player will be available in Europe from May 2023 at a suggested retail price of 49.000 Euro through highly qualified retail partners.