Naim Nait 50


NAIT 50 is a remaster of the famous NAIT 1 integrated amplifier, released in 1983. The experts in Salisbury have carefully recrafted this iconic product with the legendary chrome bumper design from the Naim archives. With Naim’s class-leading modern technology and adding new features such as a headphone outlet, the NAIT 50 is the essence of Naim Audio.

Key points

  • Soft start power-up sequence, to minimise power-up inrush current.
  • Automatic shutdown after 17 minutes. Auto-off can be disabled.
  • New MM phono stage with discrete transistors for improved sound performance.
  • Aluminium construction using rectangular extrusion for a chrome bumper style.
  • 5mm domed white LED power switch.
  • Aesthetically styled on the original NAIT 1, released in 1983.
  • Full linear integrated amplifier with 25W class AB power stage.
  • High-end manufacturing in the United Kingdom.
  • 3 input selection buttons. Locking switches control 3 relays for input selection. This input selection has been significantly improved compared to NAIT 1.
  • Headphone output jack (6.35mm). This output uses a new preamp/headphone amplifier with a gain of 16dB.
  • Stand-by power 0.5W. Using two internal power supplies; one is a high quality audiophile linear type, based on a large toroidal transformer. The other is a highly efficient SMPSU for 0.5W power consumption in standby during standby mode.