Accuphase C-2300


Without a dedicated stand in Munich despite the presence of its management at the High-End Show, Accuphase presented at the same time in Japan its new C-2300 preamplifier. Closer to the C-2150 than to the C-2450 in look and lack of wood panels in the sides, this new product seems to replace both series in one. With the very high-end development of its integrated amplifier, topped by the E-5000 in AB class and the E-800 in A class, the Japanese company has to maintain the interest around its first separate elements, hence the redesign of its entry-level range with the arrival of the C-2300.

Very similar to the C-2150 stylistically, the line preamplifier only differs from it by the appearance of a thin golden border around the knobs, already seen on the recent integrated units. It maintains behind the possibility of adding two slots, when the C-2450 only offered a large space for the phono preamplifier block also used with the C-2850 or C-2900. At the same time, Accuphase introduces the new AD-60 phono card, updated to join the DAC-60 card, seen a year earlier.

The main feature of the C-2300 is the integration of a fully dual-mono typology, very close to the one of the C-2900. The famous AAVA volume control becomes “Balanced AAVA”, allowing an independent management of the left and right channels, for a noise reduction of 10% compared to the C-2450. The 4-band tone control (low 40Hz/125Hz, mid-low 500Hz, mid-high 2kHz, high 8kHz/20kHz) also improves the tone control. As for the rest, there are numerous RCA and XLR inputs and multiple possibilities for managing balance, bass, and gain, in addition to a revised headphone amplifier with a parallel push-pull output stage.

In Europe, the C-2300 will be released at a price of 11 490€, above the C-2150 (7 990€) but 500€ cheaper than the actual C-2450 (11 990€), which it surpasses in many points.

Key Features:

* Balanced AAVA” balanced volume control circuit

* Volume sensor mechanism for quiet and smooth operation

* 4-band tone control (low 40Hz/125Hz, mid-low 500Hz, mid-high 2kHz, high 8kHz/20kHz)

* Independent left and right power supplies and unit amplifiers

* 5 line inputs and 2 balanced inputs

* Memorable phase settings for each input terminal

* EXT PRE” input terminals (line/balanced) for connection to external preamplifier

* Gain switching function to adjust total gain (12/18/24dB)

* High-quality discrete headphone amplifier with parallel push-pull output stage

* Balanced AAVA” left/right balance adjustment

* Highly reliable logic relay control signal switching system

* Digital input board DAC-60 (optional) supports high-resolution playback via USB connection to PC

* Supports analog disc playback with the AD-60 analog disc input board (optional)