Warsaw Audio Video Show 2022

November 2022 | SHOWS, 2022 Warsaw

We had the chance and happiness to attend the entire 2022 edition of the audio video show in Warsaw. Below you will find our small selection of outstanding products and demonstrations.

Interesting trilogy composed of Hungarian Qualiton electronics, hORNS speakers and David Laboga cables.

The David Laboga cables are patiently handmade, leather covered and wood cased.

A classic yet very effective combination of the new Bowers and Wilkins 700 Series 3 speakers powered by Rotel electronics and a Rose network player.

Very elegant Gato audio PPA-1 universal phono preamplifier fully customizable.

A complete system composed of electronics and loudspeakers of the Scandinavian brand Gato audio in a very nice orange color.

The German manufacturer Sennheiser presented its entire range, including the exceptional IE900 in-ear headphones, in the purest audiophile tradition, with a full range speaker.

A very elegant set combining Naim audio electronics and Focal speakers in a graphite finish of the most beautiful effect.

A marvelous conception of high-end: Wilson audio speakers powered by d’Agostino power amplifiers, all driven by a dCS digital source: a certain idea of happiness.

This crazy system was composed of the Cary DMS-800 network-audio-player, Ypsilon preamplifier, Ypsilon Aelius power amplifiers and the Gran Gioia 2×16 loudspeakers from Blumenhofer Acoustics. A huuuuuge sound !

One more crazy system: monumental Marten columns powered by Tenor mono blocks, a superlative Wadax digital source and a Brinkmann turntable.

The McIntosh cavalry is as imposing as ever, consisting here of a pair of overpowering mono blocks driven by a tube preamplifier associated with its separate power supply.

The whole collection of Transrotor turntables with the different variations of tonearms, phono cartridges and power supplies.

The excellent Technics headphones here in wireless configuration.

An all-Scandinavian combination of Børresen speakers, Aavik electronics and Ansuz cables.

The complete range of Nu Vista electronics from British manufacturer Musical Fidelity powering here the Fyne audio speakers of the vintage series. Big sound, especially in analog…

The Monitor audio loudspeaker collection.

Simaudio presented its Moon electronics including the biggest mono blocks. Full cabling by Nordost.

Old acquaintances that we tested recently, the Chord electronics from Great Britain, with the preamplifier, the converter and two power amplifiers.

A complete line of the Norwegian manufacturer Electrocompaniet installed on magnificent HRS rack. Note the presence of the monstrous brand new AW 800 mono blocks.

The magnificent Rockport Technologies Avior II speakers associated with VTL electronics.

The Sikora Reference turntable was carrying the brand new Sikora KV MAX Zirconium Series tonearm. To match this extraordinary analog front end, there were the impressive Soundspace Systems PIROL speakers and Linnenberg electronics.

The excellent CH Precision C1.2 converter accompanied by the Swiss brand’s preamp and stereo power block: a guarantee of musicality!

ATC and Vivid: two totally different philosophies, but two specialists in musicality.

On the Ferrum stand, a multitude of small and very elegant boxes capable of great performance: DAC, intelligent power supply, preamp, power blocks… Products already available and prototypes of upcoming references.

A nice line-up of Triangle columns!

The almost complete range of Canor electronics: CD player, integrated amplifier, preamp and amplifiers.

The Canadian loudspeaker brand Perlisten is very much in the news at the moment.

The impressive Tentogra turntables and excellent T + A electronics : SDV 3100 HD DAC, PDT 3100 HD REF CD, and the M40 HV amps.

Magnificent Allnic valve amplifiers.

Audel Audio Magica speakers and their little sisters the Nika MK3.

Complete Adam Custom Audio system with a venerable Sony SACD player!

Very nice restoration of the Goldring Lenco 75.

A complete overview of the Manron range, atypical loudspeakers and tube amplifiers.

The very amazing Hong Kong Westminster Lab electronics, Quest preamplifier and Rei mono blocks with a Lumin server.

A plethoric stand at Pro-Ject came as a neighbor: an impressive collection of turntables, modular electronics as well as loudspeakers, all very compact and available in a multitude of elegant colors.

A remarkable signage to consider. For those who don’t know, Melodika is a cabling specialist…

The excellent French Audionec loudspeakers powered by Boulder electronics and a 432 Evo server.

A real CamJan particularly well organized and supplied with a multitude of references.

Very nice horizontal Accuphase electronics to serve the verticality of the Estelon loudspeakers sculptures.

RCM audio loudspeakers powered by a Vitus power pack connected to the crazy Furutech high-end power strip.

The latest Japanese turntable Tech DAS Air Force III.

Nice overview of Furutech connectivity in NCF finish.

The Cube Audio loudspeakers for full range and high performance.

The small Ogi speakers from Closer. Equipped with a horn folded in a glued laminated body, the small Ogi use a French 10cm wide band.

Beautiful French integrated amplifier Jadis with two 300 B electroharmonix tubes per channel.