VUmètre US # 08


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In the summary of this Anniversary issue, we have spoiled you with 140 pages!
Test benches of exceptional products and some exclusively: JADIS JA170, GRYPHON Diablo 333, AURORASOUND HFAS-01, YBA Heritage A200s, VIABLUE Ufo Drome, rocket and rocket XL, BORRESEN x3, B.AUDIO Alpha one, AUDIOQUEST Powerquest, TAGA HARMONY HTR-1500cd, STROMTANK S-1000, LUXMAN PD-191A, NEODIO TMA, TRIANGLE Magellan Cello 40th, SPEC RSA-BW7EX, MUSICAL FIDELITY LS3/5A, HANA Umani Blue, DIPTYQUE AUDIO DP140 Mkii, BOWERS & WILKINS 603 S2, ISO-8 Minisub Axis and Substation Integra, ESPRIT Lumina, IFI AUDIO neo Idsd 2, SOLIDSTEEL VL-3, GGNTKT Model M1 and ENGLISH ELECTRIC EE1.
Without forgetting our music pages, with an interview with Renaud Capuçon and the 50th anniversary of the legendary album Dark Side of the Moon, without forgetting our Vinylium section and the new releases from our discotheque... Enough to take full advantage of your system for long periods of time. hours.
And of course, our usual sections In Vinos Veritas, the Toy, the Bibliaudio but also a report on Audiophile Bars and interviews Hiroshi Ishihara – Hana and Frédéric Vedel from Audio Synthesis.
Good reading while waiting wisely for Santa Claus!