VUmètre US # 05


Contents of this issue, our selection of equipment:
  • gryphon eos 2
  • canor ai 1.20
  • wavac pr-z1 et ta-805m
  • rotel s14
  • bluesound node x
  • audio physic spark
  • technics sl g700 m2
  • absolue creations tim essentiel
  • advance paris a12 classic
  • audioquest nrg y et z
  • lindemann musicbook source ii
  • revival audio atalante 3
  • primaluna evo100
  • kef blade 2 meta
  • lehmann black cube se ii sven väth…

Without forgetting our reports at Jadis and Esprit, as well as an interview with John Stronczer, the creator of bel canto. We tell you everything about mastering and of course our music pages with in one issue a zoom on a legendary band: Supertramp!