Mulidine Act 3 !

February 2023 | NEWS, LOUDSPEAKERS

After 40 years of existence, the French brand Mulidine has just been taken over by Stéphane CATAURO, a young entrepreneur with an atypical profile. Classical musician by training, graduate of the CNSM of Paris in classical guitar and active artist, the passion for sound and technology runs in his veins since his birth. Anxious to perpetuate a brand that has proven itself, he also wants to give the brand a new dynamic. He has imagined a range of original loudspeakers, surprising by their aesthetics as well as by their sound. The concern for a handcrafted and “made in France” manufacturing is also a great concern of the company for the future. You can count on him to accompany you in the maintenance and renovation of all Mulidine’s products since its origins, but also to discover an endearing person who will make you discover his new creations, with ardour, competence and always a lot of benevolence. A revival to be followed very closely, notice to the amateurs!