Merason Reuss


Swiss producer niedal audio lab announced today the launch of its long awaited Reuss DAC which will join Merason’s award winning converter line. CEO and brand owner DanielFrauchiger states “I am excited about the Reuss. Our passion for music drives us each dayand our new Reuss provides the purist musical quality and experience at an impressive price.A ‘must have’ for all Audiophiles”.The new Reuss’ namesake is inspired by the famous river in Switzerland where it’s fluidity ofsound merges with Merason’s DNA of “less is more” and where “the main focus is on music quality”.Following the successful DAC1 Mk II release, niedal audio lab has once again succeeded inproducing a sonically outstanding digital-to-analog model at an affordable price. The Reuss’ clean and neutral timbres, rich and energetic sound, distinctively deep and wide stage with precise localization and defined bass are just some of its outstanding qualities.

Available in black and silver, the Reuss has an elegant, sleek, and slim aluminum housing with a solid frontpanel grinded by hand. Made in Switzerland at their manufacture in Burgdorf in accordance with strict quality processes and controls.SMD components are primarily used as in the Merason DAC1 Mk II. The printed circuit board responsible for conversion and buffering has a 6-layer construction to prevent interference from occurring in the first place. All power elements are cooled directly via the chassis andthus remain thermally stable. Components have been meticulously selected based on their sound characteristics and measured performance with listening being the final arbiter. Theproven BurrBrown PCM1794A, one per channel, is responsible for the conversion to achieve the highest dynamic range.

As with all Merason products, the circuit topology is symmetrical, i.e. there are a total of 4 independent channels. The individual power supplies have a linear structure, with three transformers responsible for supplying power to the analog and digital circuits. The switching power supply, which is necessary for the standby mode, is completely deactivated during operation to eliminate possible interferences from the start. Available inputs are one SPDIF inRCA and in Toslink, one AES and one USB Audio Class 2.0.

The dimensions are 454 x 275 x 50mm³ and weighs 6 kg.