Diptyque unveils new DP85 and DP115 isodynamic panels


After presenting last year its new MkII versions of the DP140 and DP160 models, reworked on the basis of the design and technologies of the Référence series, Montalban-based manufacturer Diptyque Audio is now renewing its two entry-level acoustic panels. Still based on the height of the panel (plus 5cm for the stand), the DP85 and DP115 take up the new codes of the brand, with a sandwich structure and a bass-midrange cell operating on the patented PPMB principle (Push Pull Bipolar Magnet), based on bipolar magnets that agitate an aluminum ribbon in a constant magnetic field. The ribbon tweeter, 30cm long on the DP85 and 45cm on the DP115, is designed as an isodynamic cell (mylar film and aluminum winding), energized in a magnetic field created by neodymium magnets.

Weighing more than the previous generation, the DP85 now weighs 24kg (53lbs) for dimensions of 90cm high and 47.5cm wide, with a very reduced thickness of 22mm (26cm if you count the footprint). This enables it to offer a 1320cm² bass-midrange diaphragm that extends down to 50Hz, cut off at 1600Hz and then relayed by the tweeter to 22kHz.

Two-way like the DP85, the DP115 has the same width and thickness, but stands out for its weight of 32kg (70.5lbs) and its height of 115+5cm, i.e. 120cm, creating a mid-bass cell of 1980cm² capable of going down to 40Hz. Like all the other models in the range, these new isodynamic panels are available as standard in white or black, with felt edging from luxury French manufacturer Laoureux rather than leather. As an option, 155 RAL colors are still available, allowing you to integrate these panels into the ambience of your listening room, to suit your visual as well as your musical tastes!