Kalista & Audirvāna announce brand new partnership around the new Dreamplay X

October 2022 | DIGITAL SOURCE

The two French hi-fi brands, each with a reputation of excellence in their field, are joining forces for the launch of Kalista’s DreamPlay X to offer customers a digital experience that matches the product’s sound and aesthetic quality.

DreamPlay X owners will have free access to Audirvāna software to extend the digital experience of the product by allowing them to listen to music from their computer with uncompromising playback quality.

Beyond the business agreement, the two brands have been working together for several months to ensure that the DreamPlay X is recognized by the Audirvāna software and that the integration is as seamless as possible for users. Audirvāna thus completes the already numerous functionalities of the DreamPlay X whose promise is to be ‘The universal audio-digital source’.

Damien Plisson, creator of Audirvāna explains, “On a computer with Audirvāna, you can easily create our playlists and favorites by picking from your local music and a connected streaming service. It’s a very convenient tool to do that. Audirvāna also gives customization possibilities through oversampling algorithms or the ability to integrate acoustic corrections.”

Technically, both products communicate through the UPnP wireless protocol. This demanding solution in its integration remains very universal and above all without any compression or resolution limitation.
“For a product with the quality and requirements of the DreamPlay X, it is important to multiply the possibilities of use for the customers without ever giving up the sound quality” says Jean-Marie Clauzel – Associate Director – of Kalista/Metronome Technologie

According to Damien Plisson, this first unprecedented collaboration is destined to develop :
“Without falling into proprietary protocols that are more restrictive and doomed to obsolescence, it demonstrates the value of working with hardware manufacturers to offer the best possible experience to users“.

DreamPlay X combines four devices in one (CD/SACD player, streamer, DAC, and digital preamplifier) while maintaining Kalista’s excellent analog sound quality. The brand’s designers and researchers have been working on this new project for several years to bring you a product in the purest sonic perfection, all with a smooth interface.

The story of Kalista began in the early 2000s in the workshops of a French hifi craftsman, Métronome Technologie, in the Tarn region of France, with the primary objective of producing a unique object, both in terms of its design and its sound performance. Launched in 2003, Kalista immediately met with great international success and won numerous awards from professionals and specialized magazines.

Audirvāna was founded in 2011 by Damien Plisson who developed and improved a unique technology over time, forging the ultimate digital audio playback software for all music professionals and enthusiasts.
It is a solution to manage and organize your music whether it comes from a local music library or an HD streaming service (like Tidal or Qobuz). Its software is available for MacOS and Windows 10 and comes with a free mobile app to control it remotely compatible with iOS and Android.
Damien Plisson, is a very talented French developer, trained at Ecole Centrale and UCLA, recognized as an expert by the international audiophile community. Since its launch Audirvāna has become “THE audiophile playback software on Mac”.