Ferrum Power Splitter

October 2022 | DIGITAL SOURCE

Ferrum care about his customers and when some of them told they would like to power more than one device with their beloved HYPSOS power systems, they sat down and discussed this question with their engineers.
To make HYPSOS even more efficient in operating they designed the Ferrum Power Splitter (FPS). One instantly recognises the FPS to be part of the Ferrum family of products because of its Corten steel front with the embedded Fe logo. Inside this little piece of excellence reside the electronics which immaculately pass the carefully calculated and measured values across the connected devices. From now on you can power two devices of your choice with just one HYPSOS. The two devices fed by the FPS need to have similar input settings (voltage and polarity), which can be chosen from the internal list residing in HYPSOS’ memory banks. Also, the combined maximum power consumption should not exceed 80W and the current should not exceed 6A.
Together with the Ferrum Power Splitter a Ferrum Power Link of 0.5 meter is included in the box. Of course, we offer the option for other power cords in different lengths (including the FPL) at an extra charge. Please contact us for the available options.

• Specifically made for HYPSOS: you may now power two devices with one HYPSOS
• Input: 1x for proprietary 4-pin Ferrum Power Link (FPL)
• Outputs: 2x for FPL or other Ferrum DC powering cords
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 50 x 52 x 30 mm / 75 x 65 x 27,5 mm with connectors
• Weight: 180 gr
• Price: 249 EUR/USD