CH Precision C10 Digital-to-Analog Converter


It was only a matter of time until CH Precision applied its considerable expertise and experience in the digital domain to filling out the 10 Series with digital audio components. The wait is over and the results don’t disappoint. Embodying all of the familiar facets that deliver the unique combination of performance, versatility and longevity that set CH components apart, the C10 isn’t short on innovation or ground-breaking engineering.

  • Dedicated high-performance DAC – no volume control or analog inputs.
  • Twin-chassis product with massive, dedicated, ultra low noise power supply.
  • Mirror-topology with four discrete, galvanically isolated ‘power zones’ each with its own, highly regulated DC supply.
  • Native DSD, MQA and high-res PCM compatible.
  • All-new DSQTM Phase Array DAC architecture.
    o 16x PCM-1704 R2R DAC chips with substantial DSP.
    o Sequential processing delivers a sample rate of 64x Fs (2.8224/3.072MHz)
    o 3rd Order Sallen-Key Bessel low-pass filter reduces 20Hz-20kHz propagation delay
    to less than two femtoseconds.
  • User defined output level (1, 2.5 or 5V) and local/global feedback.
  • Upgradable to C10 Mono with addition of second power supply.
  • Matching T1 clock available in 10 Series chassis (T10).

Although the C10 relies on the proven performance of the DSP-based, PEtER Spline Filter Algorithm, with its exceptional time domain characteristics, it is paired with an all-new DAC architecture, the DSQTM Phase Array. This employs 8 R2R DACs per channel in a dual differential topology, committing four DACs to each phase of the signal. The incoming samples are distributed sequentially, the first DAC receiving samples 1, 5, 9 etc, the second samples 2, 6, 10 and so on across the four chips. Such complex processing demands incredible accuracy and stability within the entire digital to analog environment, from clock to software to low-pass filter and power supply. It’s a challenging proposition, but the results are spectacular. The remarkable processing speed delivers unprecedented resolution or harmonic and musical information, while the time domain demands translate directly to the musical reproduction, with a clarity, organisation and rhythmic integrity that no conventional DAC can match.
One unexpected bonus of the C10’s complex power distribution and segmented power supply is that the upgrade path to C10 Mono is considerably simpler: just add a second C10 power supply. A single step that’s both easier, more practical, more space efficient and more cost effective than the ‘base camp plus five stages’ to the C1.2’s six-box Everest.
Of course, the C10 incorporates the improved mechanical grounding system employed on the other 10 Series products and is available in the same choice of three different finishes. But add to that the configurable input options, output level and global feedback and the C10 can be matched to any digital source and any high-performance pre-amplifier. You can even order the T1 Time Reference master clock in matching 10 Series casework – designated the T10.
But the icing on the cake is the performance. The performance that’s captured on the disc or file you are playing. The L10 and M10 broke new ground when it came to system matching, natural musical reproduction and communication, bringing listeners closer to the original event than ever before. The C10 delivers the same advantages in the digital domain – and delivers them that much closer to the front of the system, so that you enjoy the benefits at every stage thereafter. Digital recordings have never sounded so natural, so intimate, so like life or so like people.

Prices vary with country, but the US dollar and Euro prices are as follows:
C10 DAC/Converter ……………………………………. from US$91,000 (w/out tax) / €91,000 (TTC)
C10 Mono Three Chassis True Monaural DAC . from US$127,000 (w/out tax) / €127,000 (TTC)
T10 Time Reference 10MHz clock………………… from US$24,700 (w/out tax) / €24,300 (TTC)