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VUmètre international n°1
VUmètre international n°1
Here is the first English-language issue of the French magazine VUmètre, exclusively devoted to French hi-fi products.

VUmètre was born in 2015 from the will of a team to create an independent and nonconformist hi-fi magazine for a French speaking audience: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada ...
Our journalists are professionals from the press and the hi-fi world, their experiences are unique and their expertise recognized by all!
For five years our magazine has found its place, to understand its difference and its originality, through a rich and varied editorial content, but also an original and elegant model.

We are always listening to our audience, and when we regularly go to major international shows, our interlocutors show great consideration for our magazine.
This is how we came up with the idea of offering an English version.
But how can real innovation be brought to the niche of the international audiophile press? Quite simply by talking about what we know best, the products of our country.
Today France is showing exceptional modernity and creativity in terms of the development of high-end audio equipment.
We are fortunate to be in close contact with these manufacturers. We have known some of them for over 30 years. They are friends. It is obvious that they share with us information that they do not deliver to everyone.
It is also for this reason that we are committed to making the quality of our products known to as many countries as possible.

As French specialist journalists, we therefore have an obvious legitimacy to make us the ambassadors of the audio industry of our country, all over the world, through a magazine in English.


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