Vanessa Wagner “Les Heures Immobiles” InFiné

September 2023 | MUSIC, 23/09

Vanessa Wagner is a pianist renowned in the world of classical music. Part of her training took place at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, where she won first prize, and was nominated for the “Victoires de la Musique Classique” in the “Instrumental Soloist of the Year” category in 1999. She has a keen interest in modern and contemporary composers. Alongside this, she remains open to other musical trends, as evidenced by her work with artists such as Murcof and Rone. For this short collection of six tracks, entirely recorded at the “Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers”, she chose composers who are already part of her repertoire, such as Philip Glass, Brice Dessner and Meredith Monk, or others whose works she has never recorded, such as Kate Moore and Laurel Halo. She performs them alone at the piano, with great sensitivity. At times, the notes flow like the colors of an impressionist painter, while further on, the partially repetitive motifs of Philip Glass are always subtle. An opus that lives up to its name, offering us a veritable parenthesis out of time.