TORRES “What An Enormous Room” 

February 2024 | MUSIC, 24/02

Mackenzie Scott produces her music under the name Torres. This American multi-instrumentalist, based in New York, released her first album around ten years ago. Now, at the start of 2024, she is releasing her sixth opus. To produce it, she enlisted the talents of Sarah Jaffe, another multi-instrumentalist, as well as those of TJ Allen for the rhythms and mixing. This is surely her most personal album in terms of lyrics. Musically, although she has already recorded some introspective tracks, this is her most experimental album. Don’t look for tracks as catchy as ‘Thirstier’. Although guitar and distortion remain a beacon for her music, keyboards take on greater importance, to the point where the first track brings her closer to a Laurie Anderson, minus the vocoder. The sound soon reverts to PJ Harvey-style rock, even though Rob Ellis is no longer involved on this album. The sound oscillates between these two poles, and this new variety for the artist makes it perhaps her most interesting album.