The National “Laugh Track” 

October 2023 | MUSIC, 23/10

Founded in 1999, The National have released a dozen albums since 2001. The previous one only dates from April 2023, and like many of their past releases, it’s very good. The transcendent beauty of “Laugh Track” is a sequel, with less tension, to “First Two Pages Of Frankeisten”, with which it shares little more than some of the cover artwork. It’s simple, the more I listen to this band’s discography, the more I think they’re one of the best pop bands of recent years. But don’t be fooled by their acid pop. On this album, every note, every vocal intonation is close to nonchalance, to melancholy. It’s a winter ballad that leads to introspection. It seems logical that they signed with 4AD, as the sound is so English and reminiscent of the gothic sound of certain ’80s bands. Be careful, though: if you start listening to these artists, it may become addictive and, like me, you’ll want to listen to all their records.