Sonny Vincent ” Primitive 1969-76 ” 

January 2024 | MUSIC, 24/01

An active guitarist since the 60s, Sonny Vincent first came to prominence on the New York punk scene in the mid-70s with his band Testors. Since then, until very recently, he has released a plethora of albums, alone or with various groups. He also strummed his six-string on a handful of albums by former Velvet Underground Maureen Tucker. Originally released by Hozac Records, this compilation has the good idea of bringing together tracks recorded with Distance, Fury and Liquid Diamonds, before Testors was formed. As the archetypal asocial saved by his instrument, you can hear it in his music. If you think of the great guitarists of the time, led by Jimi Hendrix, with their dirty, saturated sound, there’s an extra dose of violence that immediately brings to mind the Stooges, the heaviness of Black Sabbath or the urgency of Motörhead. An artist that many of today’s guitar bands would listen to. To our delight, the explosion of the 70s never ceases to shake us.