Royal Blood “Back To The Water Below” 

October 2023 | MUSIC, 23/10

This English duo consists of a bassist and a drummer, instruments that rarely stand alone in the rock world. The bass alternates its role with that of the guitar through an amp dedicated to reproducing higher frequencies. Their sound is heavy and full of riffs, reminiscent of stoner rock and somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters (for whom they opened on many occasions). Their self-titled debut album, released almost ten years ago, quickly secured them a solid fan base of hard rock fans. Feeling surely limited by their instruments, their third album, “Typhoons”, took them in a direction that flirted with electro-rock, losing a few fans in the process. For 2023, they refocused on what they knew how to do, returning to rock but adding a fair amount of pop. Royal Blood is constantly evolving, which makes their discography all the more interesting. The album’s opening tracks hit hard and get everyone on the same wavelength, then the melodies take on greater scope, leading to more subtle tracks. Don’t expect a repeat of the first opus if you want to fully appreciate it.