Pixies “Pixies At The BBC, 1988-91” 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

If we need to introduce you to the Pixies, it’s because you probably weren’t a teenager in the 90s. The band, which first formed between 1986 and 1993, had a major impact on the American independent scene in the 90s. Kurt Cobain, among others, has never hidden the fact that he was heavily influenced by this Boston-based quartet. Led by Black Francis (or Franck Black, depending on the incarnation of Charles Thomson), they blend the energy of punk with melodies inspired by the surf music of the ’60s, which are designed to be sung along to. Given the small number of studio albums they’ve released, they’ve churned out a mind-boggling number of pop-rock anthems with sometimes abstruse lyrics. On this compilation of their John Peel appearances, we find most of the band’s bravura songs, often in a faster version and with a little more aggression in the vocals, which doesn’t spoil anything. Although live, the recording without an audience brings the sound closer to that of a studio album, and there is some repetition of certain tracks, but what a madeleine for people of my generation. The rest of us will also appreciate the tangy flavour of these must-have tracks!