Jon Batiste ” World Music Radio ” Verve 

September 2023 | MUSIC, 23/09

Jazz pianist Jon Batiste made his name as leader of the Stay Human Band. A band that has built up quite a reputation, with performances that always seek to touch the audience, and as the band on the TV show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Never confined to a single style, driven by a love of American popular music, he’s fond of meeting new people and mixing things up. His numerous appearances and solo career are proof of this. His most notable productions include the soundtrack to the animated film “Soul” and his previous album “We Are”, inspired by modern soul-funk. On his new album, he succeeds in taking another step towards the mainstream, lining up several tracks that could easily climb the charts, while retaining a high level of inspiration and compositional quality. Rap, reggae, jazz, ballad… the whole remains fresh and danceable, a kind of tour de force that the more hipster among us might prefer to her more jazz-oriented early career.