Orange Blossom “Spells From The Drunken Sirens“ 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

The beginnings of this French band date back to the 90s. Its members went through all the clichés of the independent band of that era, from gigs at youth clubs to self-produced cassettes. Over the years, the group’s line-up has changed dramatically, with some members leaving and others joining from a variety of backgrounds. A rare group, with only four studio albums in their almost thirty-year career, their style can be defined as a blend of electronic music and world music, particularly oriental, without this ever being a straitjacket for them. The almost tribal percussion can give way to the singer’s voice and the violin, enchanting us in a quiet moment. The electronics are far from taking over from the acoustic instruments. They themselves are treated very equitably, and their variety throughout the album is a delight. They all play in concert to enhance the superb voice of the singer, who handles several languages and traditions with ease. A record that is both modern and timeless.