Nadine Shah “Filthy Underneath” 

February 2024 | MUSIC, 24/02

Thanks to her warm voice, which she knows perfectly well how to modulate towards higher tessituras when necessary, she seems at ease with all styles. Styles that she has no hesitation in mixing and shaking up to produce music more in tune with her tortured personality. This Englishwoman, of Norwegian and Pakistani origin, took up the piano at the age of 9. She sang in jazz clubs before turning to rock. Since her debut album in 2013, she has been working with producer Ben Hiller. Without abandoning the simple, taut rock that has earned her comparisons with PJ Harvey, on this fifth album electronic sounds are more present. They give the album a modern flavour, but with a hint of the early 4AD productions. With lyrics that evoke her divorce, the loss of her mother and her attempted suicide, the artist takes us on a journey, based on tribal rhythms, to explore oriental music as much as trip hop, rock or gothic. Nadine Shah’s music seems to grow in intensity with each album, and it’s hard to say just how far she’ll take it.