Moor Mother “The Great Bailout“ 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

Camae Ayewa is a poet, activist and musician. She is a member of several bands with whom she has recorded several albums, and began her solo recording career in 2016. Today, she is releasing her ninth album under the name Moor Mother, for which she has chosen to explore the theme of slavery and, in particular, the failings of the law abolishing it in 1833. To say that her music is close to free jazz would be reductive and, above all, would not prepare you for what you are about to hear on this record. Many artists are at the crossroads of styles. But here we are beyond that. There’s the very Soul opening track, the very present Spoken World, Africa and the occasional Jazz or electro sound. But what characterises the tension of this record is the impression of rediscovering the primordial aspect of music, when singing was an incantation to communicate with our ancestors and the forces of nature. A radical record that’s not for everyone, but for all curious ears.