Matthew Halsall “An Ever Changing View” 

October 2023 | MUSIC, 23/10

Matthew Halsall began playing the trumpet in brass bands at the age of 6. Later, he developed a taste for electronic culture, and became interested in the work of labels such as Ninja Tune and Warp. It was during one of DJ Mr Scruff’s sets that he had a revelation when a piece by Pharoah Sanders was played. Spiritual jazz immediately struck a chord with this musician who has studied transcendental meditation and yoga. As well as being a trumpeter and producer, he is also the founder of the Gondwana Records label and the author of almost ten albums. For his latest productions, he creates loops from percussion samples of various origins, sometimes with instruments he has made himself, before laying down his clear, soaring trumpet. His latest album is an unexpected bridge between the most minimal recordings on the ECM label and the most meditative albums by John Coltrane or Pharoah Sanders. Another English jazzman with a spellbinding, even essential album. If England was known for its contribution to pop music, it now counts for its contemporary jazz artists, and Matthew Halsall is one of its most captivating representatives.