Lysistrata “Veil“ 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

The French rock scene is astonishingly dynamic, with so many quality bands that there’s almost a representative for every sub-genre. This trio from Saintes is one such talented representative. They are releasing their third album under their own name after a collaboration with François Atlas and a four-year wait that was well worth it.  While their pop experience has left its mark, the band are still close to the hardcore of their early days. Although some passages are more melodious and an electro track stands out, the comparison is with Favez’s ‘Gentlemen Start your Engines’ or even more with At The Drive In’s ‘Relationship On Command’, with its clear English vocals and energy to spare. Although the inspiration comes from the Dischord label, the sound is nowhere near as radical. When saturation isn’t dominating the soundstage, it gives way to syncopated drums, bouncy bass and even acoustic guitar chords. But rest assured, it’s all in preparation for the next sonic explosion.