Lunice “Open” LuckyMe records

September 2023 | MUSIC, 23/09

This Canadian DJ is also half of producer duo TNGHT. They are part of the trap scene. Music at the confluence of rap and electro, characterized by a strong presence of drum machine kicks and slow, repetitive rhythmic patterns, while abandoning the sampling associated with original hip hop. This style, which emerged around 2000, gained momentum in the early 2010s and was introduced into the music of many popular artists. With the short 10 tracks of “Open”, Lunice breaks free from the stereotypes attached to this genre, offering us a truly inventive patchwork of sounds. From the very first track, we’re not sure whether we’re leaning towards the whimsical Beastie Boys or the instrumental ambiences of Buck 65. The second track doesn’t tell us anymore, although it doesn’t avoid the pitfall of using auto-tune. The album is a skillful, multi-colored collage in which numerous influences and winks can be noted. The production is perfectly in tune with this joyful sonic moment and is ideally suited to comparative listening on headphones and loudspeakers.