Lucie Antunes “Amazing Carnaval” 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

A classically trained drummer and percussionist, Lucie Antunes studied at the Lyon Conservatoire. She developed a passion for contemporary music, particularly the minimalism of Steve Reich, but also for dance and trance. As soon as she finished her studies, she took a pop turn by accompanying leading groups on the electro-pop scene. As you will have gathered, Lucie Antunes’ music blurs the boundaries between genres. Some tracks speak to the body and are made for clubs, while others are more cerebral, reminiscent of Aphex Twin. The mishmash that can emerge is largely counterbalanced by the interest generated by the artist’s sonic explorations. The expanded version of her second album is in line with her previous work. If your system is a little dynamic, if your speakers are low enough or if you have a subtle subwoofer, you’ll enjoy listening to this album.