Kendra Morris “I Am hat I’M Waiting For” Karma Chief Records

September 2023 | MUSIC, 23/09

Florida-born Kendra Morris has been passionate about music and singing since childhood. She found happiness in the soul classics of the 60s and 70s. She cut her teeth singing in bars and took part in the reality TV show Redemtion Song. Her debut album “Banshee” was released in 2012. But it was with her cover of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, included on the soundtrack of the film Dead Man Down, that she broadened her audience. Her powerful, gravelly voice has led her to collaborate with hip hop artists and to provide vocals on a Denis Coffey tour. Far from contenting herself with the role of performer, she also excelled at writing and composing. On this latest album, she stays close to her preferred style, bringing a modern touch to the arrangements and adding traces of pop and rock. Her voice gains in character, its tessitura a little more reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s, while remaining identifiable and avoiding the impression of a copy. In such a setting, soul remains a sure bet in 2023.