Jonathan Wilson “Eat The Worm” 

October 2023 | MUSIC, 23/10

Recording studio owner, producer and musician, this lover of ’70s music has an impressive track record, and the musicians he’s accompanied have been some of the most prestigious. To name but a few, he has played alongside Roger Waters, Erykah Badu, Elvis Costello and Bonnie Prince Billy. His solo albums feature artists such as David Crosby, Graham Nash, Patrick Sansone (of Wilco) and Jackson Browne. His early recordings are full of folk, country and psychedelic-tinged Americana. For his latest opus, “Eat The Worm”, the guitar is less present and he takes a step towards more experimental sounds. The result is not hermetic, however, and gains a timeless quality, less frozen in the ’70s. Although his vocal range is far removed from this, listening to him, it’s impossible not to think of Tim Buckley (especially “Starsailor”) or certain Robert Wyat albums. It’s a record like none we’ve heard before, and one that deserves several listens.