Jeanne Bonjour ” Nouvelle Ère ” 

January 2024 | MUSIC, 24/01

This young girl from Rennes grew up in a family where music was always present. She took up the violin and then the piano, and became interested in a wide range of means of expression: literature, theatre and film, which she studied at university. Her second EP differs from her first in that it has a more pop, accessible feel, and in the lyrics she gives more space to other people. With her voice, whose tessitura contrasts with her youthful physique, she sings, in a falsely detached way, about shaky encounters and relationships, the lack of self-confidence that breeds a certain malaise. The music creates a contrast with this melancholy, featuring rhythmic pop driven by synthesiser melodies. The combination of the two is reminiscent of a sort of female Étienne Daho. Even if we regret the short format of this record, which can leave us wanting more, the icing on the cake is the final track: a cover of Radiohead’s magnificent ‘Creep’ sung in French. A real treat.