J. Mascis “What Do We Do Now” 

February 2024 | MUSIC, 24/02

Joseph Donald Mascis is no less than one of the two founders of the famous grunge band Dinosaur Jr, active since the mid-80s. Alongside his activities with the band, he regularly releases solo albums. For the contrast between Dinosaur Jr’s electrified sound and his much more acoustic solo productions, but above all for his talent, he is often compared to Neil Young. His latest album still has a pop-folk feel to it, with the acoustic guitar omnipresent, but the sound has been fleshed out to bring it closer to what he does in a band, with the addition of drums and piano on some tracks, and above all an electric guitar with its heartfelt interventions and well-measured distortion. His voice is always tinged with tenderness, even restrained sadness, capable of creating emotion. With this successful album, an important artist of the 90s offers us a bridge between two facets of his career. Depending on your sensibilities, you’ll be able to continue listening to one or the other with equal pleasure.