Iron & Wine “Who Can See Forever Soundtrack (live)”

November 2023 | MUSIC, 23/11

Sam Beam, his legal name, has published, between concert and studio recordings, around ten albums since the beginning of the 2000s. At university he studied painting and cinematographic art, he will also become a cinema professor. An activity which allowed him to refine his first compositions before being noticed by the Sub Pop label. Starting from an acoustic folk base, he added pop elements throughout the albums. He has a personal style, which suits his smooth voice, often compared to Elliot Smith or Nick Drake and his album which opened him to a wider audience is “The Shepherd’s Dog”. For this concert we are witnessing a return to completely acoustic music, with the addition of piano and guitar currents, a double bass and a cello. Choirs and percussions happily enhance the whole. The sound recording involves us in this peaceful music, an atmosphere in correlation with the cover of the record. Provided that your system is capable of density, you will raise the sound until you have the impression of sharing the space of your living room with the musicians. A moment apart.