Hoorsees ” Big “

January 2024 | MUSIC, 24/01

Contrary to what their name and all-English lyrics might suggest, this quartet hail from Paris. They began their recording career at the time of the confinement, which didn’t allow them to get the exposure they deserved at the time by depriving them of the stage necessary to promote a release. In the space of three albums, they’ve evolved and matured. Leaving behind the somewhat depressed lands of their first album and the 90s feel of their second, they now offer us luminous pop rock, full of melody and energy, which owes as much to the Strokes as to Phoenix. Bassist Zoè Gilbert makes an appearance on vocals alongside Alexin Delamard, and the alternation of male and female vocals, depending on the track, helps to give the album a wider variety of moods, even though it’s still a traditional rock trio. Their great strength lies in their catchy melodies and choruses. Artscholl is the perfect song to get you going!