Helado Negro “Phasor” 

February 2024 | MUSIC, 24/02

Real name Roberto Carlos Lange, born in South Florida of Ecuadorian parents. He released his first album under the name Helado Negro in 2009 on Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan Stevens’ label. Although he has picked up a few awards, his popularity is hardly commensurate with his artistic talent. On the other hand, it has to be said that his music is not designed to electrify crowds; on the contrary, it has a diaphanous, intimate beauty. For his ninth studio album, he has not changed the recipe, using synthesizers and loops to dress up a structure often composed on acoustic guitar or keyboard. His sophisticated folk seems to owe as much to psychedelia as to tropicalism. His influences are wide-ranging, blending together to produce a kind of musical UFO that is all too rare in the world’s output. It’s almost like a hidden treasure from the 70s, and at times reminiscent of something Robert Wyatt might have recorded. A record that deserves several listens to appreciate all its twists and turns.