Greta Van Fleet “Starcatcher” Lava-Republic Records

September 2023 | MUSIC, 23/09

Greta Van Fleet is an American band made up of the three Kiszka brothers (vocals, guitar, bass), accompanied by their childhood friend Danny Wagner on drums. Their style is described as “retro-rock”. In other words, a sound close to that of 70s hard rock. No samples, no drum machines. It’s heavy, it’s hard, but the riffs are not far removed from the blues if you compare them to the most extreme music of the genre. What strikes you most when listening to their records is the similarity of Josh (Kiszka)’s voice to that of Robert Plant. The mimicry doesn’t stop there: the pounding of the drums, the guitar solos, everything is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. This is particularly obvious on their 2017 Eps. It’s enough to make you wonder if this isn’t an edition of the Londoners’ lost tapes. On their albums, while remaining disturbingly close to their role model, they develop their own personalities, with compositions that hit the mark and productions of consistent quality. If you love the guitar bands of the ’70s, don’t miss out on this new stadium-bound sensation, whose third album proves that the stars are only a stone’s throw from heaven.