Grégory Privat “Phoenix” 

February 2024 | MUSIC, 24/02

Son of the pianist from the group Malavoi, this Franco-Martinican started playing the piano at the age of six. After classical training, he turned to jazz and improvisation. He studied engineering while working as a club pianist. He subsequently took part in a number of recording sessions, festivals and competitions. After releasing his first album, Ki Koté, in 2011, he decided to quit his job to become a professional musician. He released four albums under his own name, then, to gain more freedom, in 2019 he founded his own label. This is his third album for his own label, and it follows the same formula as his ‘Soley’ album, with Chris Jennings on double bass and Tilo Bertholo on drums. The sound is full and involving, and the balance between the instruments is perfectly respected, with the vocals slightly to the fore when they are present. The trio takes us on a journey between urban and spiritual jazz, with compositions that are both fluid and rhythmic, and bound to enchant us. The Adami jury made no mistake: “an artist to watch”.