El Perro Del Mar “Big Anonymous” 

February 2024 | MUSIC, 24/02

The Swede behind this sunnier-sounding name played the piano as a child, later taking up the guitar, forming a band at university and winning a prize from the Swedish Copyright Society before going solo. All in all, a classic career, not unlike the pop of her first album, released in 2005. However, her recordings reveal more personal themes that are to become central to her music. His anguish and grief became recurrent themes, leading to darker sounds. On her seventh album, almost as incongruous as the cover, her cold, ghostly voice wanders through desolate, misty landscapes. Its author speaks of a subterranean world where the dead are always near. It is nonetheless captivating, at times reminiscent of the music of Archive, or other Nordic singers such as Stina Nordestam or Agnes Obel. The final track, ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’, brings a touch of hope and ends this cathartic journey into darkness.