Cyrille Aimée “À Fleur De Peau“ 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

Of French and Dominican origin, singer Cyrille Aimée grew up in Django Reinhardt’s village, where music is very important. It was there that she was introduced to gypsy jazz and, of course, vocal jazz, with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Nancy Wilson in her sights. After making a name for herself in various competitions and releasing a number of albums, she went into exile in New York, New Orleans and finally Costa Rica, where she lives when she’s not travelling the world giving concerts. Her latest album is her most personal, as she wrote the lyrics and composed the music for most of the tracks, with the help of Jake Sherman. Sung for the most part in Spanish or English, she serves up a cool jazz sound in which everything seems easy and deceptively simple. The production gives an impression of electro-tropicalism reminiscent of Bebel Gilberto. What emerges is a great subtlety and lightness at every moment. The perfect soundtrack for a quiet evening in front of your stereo.