Bolis Pupul “Letter To Yu” 

March 2024 | MUSIC, 24/03

This is his first release, but this musician, born of a Belgian father and a Hong Kong mother, is no complete unknown. He worked with Charlotte Adigéry on the album Topical Dancer. When his mother died in 2008, he felt the need to reconnect with her culture, and this emotional odyssey was to be seminal for this record.  Capturing sounds and ideas from the streets of Hong Kong, it’s somewhere between dance and ambient. Neither minimalist nor pop, it’s a bit as if Kraftwerk, instead of taking the motorway, were inviting us to wander around in an automated underground train. There’s a very urban feel to it, and at the same time a certain robotic coldness reminiscent of Autechre. You can tell that the artist has enjoyed playing with the possibilities offered by the studio, as electronic music lends itself to experimentation. The sounds picked up in the streets with a mobile phone are perfectly integrated into the compositions, without the ‘do-it-yourself’ aspect making itself felt too much. Depending on the track, the sounds will expand the soundstage to a greater or lesser extent.