Arrested Development ” Bullets In The Chamber “

January 2024 | MUSIC, 24/01

When Arrested Development released their debut album in 1992, it was like a breath of fresh air blowing through hip hop. Their music was often referred to as rural rap, to distinguish it from rap that was full of urban clichés, sometimes misogynistic and often violent. The music is less aggressive, closer to funk, and more likely to appeal to the uninitiated. With their no-holds-barred approach, they have paved the way for many other artists who don’t identify with gangsta rap. In 2024, even if this album isn’t as striking as their first, the fundamentals are still there. You’re drawn in by the freshness of their music, their lyrics calling for change, and their melodious flow. Not to spoil anything, the list of featurings is pretty impressive. It’s a pure pleasure to catch up with these artists who have managed to retain their artistic approach.