Anne Paceo “B’Sides” Jusqu’à La Nuit

September 2023 | MUSIC, 23/09

Sure, it’s only 12 minutes of music, but it’s also an opportunity to take a closer look at the career of this French jazz drummer. As a leader of various groups since 2008, she has released a dozen albums and taken part in numerous projects. Both within the jazz movement, on recordings by Christian Escoudé and Rhoda Scott, and outside it, accompanying Mélissa Laveaux and Jeanne Added on stage. Open to many influences, she can be seen collaborating with Burmese musicians or being inspired by Persian poems. Her records feature sounds from diverse worlds, ranging from pop to folk music. The titles on this EP come from the sessions on her magnificent album S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S. As the name almost suggests, shamanism and spirituality are the main inspirations. His work on rhythm, of course, as well as on timbre, melodies and vocals, succeeds in making contemporary jazz, sometimes flirting with the avant garde, accessible. A masterfully maintained balance that confirms the percussionist as an important artist on today’s jazz scene and beyond.