Ancient Infinity Orchestra “River Of Light”

December 2023 | MUSIC, 23/11

The English jazz scene never ceases to dazzle us with its talent and diversity! Ancient Infinity Orchestra is based in the musically famous city of Leeds. Led by double-bassist and composer Ozzy Moysey, this variable-geometry collective can count up to fifteen members. For the recording of this first album, they invited an equally large choir to join them upon some tracks. The compositions, which have been part of their stage repertoire for years, are a perfect illustration of the spiritual jazz style. The last track is a tribute to ‘Pharoah Sanders’. Percussion, oboe, cello, flute, saxophones… The music is dense and penetrating, and as befits this style of music, leads to a certain plenitude, a sense of calm. The entry of the choirs takes it to a new level, while their unsystematic use makes the whole lighter and perfectly balanced. A fine example of instrumental mastery and complicity in the service of beauty.