Sleater-Kinney ” Little Rope ” 

January 2024 | 24/01, MUSIC

This all-female trio was formed in 1994 around two American guitarists, Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein. Four female drummers have followed in their wake, and Angie Boylan is now behind the drums. Despite rapid critical success for most of their albums, they have struggled to break through the Riot Girls scene or the punk rock crowd. Thirty years after their debut, they are back with an album which, while retaining their energy and the indie rock feel of the 90s, shows us a very successful melodious pop side. The guitar sound is sometimes reminiscent of Sonic Youth, but with a more harmonious veneer. The vocals are capable of torrid sensuality, or screaming out their anger at a world that is falling apart, a society that is far from having established equality between men and women, and where social gains are being called into question. All this over an unfailingly catchy rhythm, with even a few tracks that could make excellent singles, such as the magnificent Crusader. This could be the album that brings them a wider audience.