Demi Mondaine ” Les Lignes Imaginaires ” 

January 2024 | 24/01, MUSIC

Passionate about music while she was still young, Béatrice Montini wrote lyrics and then set them to music. Leaving her studies behind, she performed in bars and formed bands with which she recorded albums, but her audience remained small. Like Olivia Ruiz and Julien Doré before her, it was a TV talent show that revealed her to the general public. For her, The Voice season 7 in 2018. Her influences range from Nick Cave to Manu le Malin and Barbara. The lyrics on this album are almost all in French, and the first part of the album features a lot of electronic music and sounds very pop, almost danceable at times. The second half is more acoustic, with guitar or piano dominating, and the mood becomes more folk and introspective. Demi Mondaine’s voice, mature and well poised, bridges the gap in this well-crafted transition, so that it is not abrupt. We’ve seen the success of artists who’ve been on reality TV and have managed to retain their individuality, and that’s all we wish for Demi Mondaine.