Piers Faccini “Songs I Love Volume II”

December 2023 | 23/12, MUSIC

Anglo-Italian-born Piers Faccini came to music almost by chance. After art school, he initially set his sights on painting, with which he earned a living, and saw music as a hobby. The trend began to reverse in 1997, when he performed in public with the group Charley Malowe. In 2001, he launched his solo career. He is often compared to Leonard Cohen and sometimes Nick Drake, with a much more diverse instrumentation and subtle arrangements than the latter. His much broader influences have a lot to do with it. He takes us on a journey through time and place. Most of the songs are sung in English, but other languages can be heard, depending on his inspirations. For his second collection of covers, while there are titles by English and American artists, there are also traditional songs, and we can move from Africa to Italy or even 18th-century Ireland. A soothing, inspired album of “world folk”