Droïd Fantôm “Emptiness Takes Time” 

December 2023 | 23/12, MUSIC

Star Wars fans will agree with me that Mickaël Montaroux is not the most skilful when it comes to choosing his stage names. After recording two albums with the band Flèche, the French singer-guitarist was keen to give his compositions a more personal touch. To this end, he is accompanied only by the drummer from his former band, Loïc Salmon, and a few studio additions. But there’s no real break in style compared to what he’s recorded before. The lyrics are still sung entirely in English, and the major influence remains the rock side of the 90s American indie scene, which can sometimes have a punk or power pop edge. Listening to this album, one thinks of Foo Fighters or Favez’s “Gentlement Start Your Engines” album. In short, a square, direct and efficient album, with no frills, but in the best possible way for anyone who loves guitar rock.