Bakermat “From A Bakermat Point Of View” 

December 2023 | 23/12, MUSIC

While still a student, Lodewijk Fluttert mixed at parties and produced a few sounds. In 2012 he released two EPs. The second featured the track “Vandaag”, with samples of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. This track went to No. 1 in several European countries, helping the DJ to become more professional. This was followed by a series of singles and live performances, notably featuring musicians alongside his turntables, with percussion, saxophones and violins. His music may be labeled electronic or house, but it also draws on soul, funk and gospel, as well as pop and rock. The saxophone often features in his compositions, and his vocals alternate between male and female voices. His second album, a little short like the first, is as fresh as it is uplifting, truly festive and a joy to listen to. It’s the perfect soundtrack for ending the evening with a dance, or leaving in the morning on a lighter note.