Robert Finley “Black Bayou”

November 2023 | 23/11, MUSIC

If you think the best nuggets are the best hidden, then you can be sure that Robert Finley is a diamond shaped by years of practice. Native from Louisiana, he took up the guitar at the age of 11, and was a regular attendee of gospel bands. Music has been with him all his life, with varying degrees of success. So much so that he was a street artist when the Music Maker Relief Foundation came to his aid. Thanks to this support, and following a series of concert tours, he recorded his first album in 2016, at the age of 60. For his fourth album, he enlisted the services of some top-notch collaborators, including members of the Black Keys. His gravelly voice is capable of soaring high, and while it is still charged with the spirit of black American music, the instrumentation, by being tighter around the guitar-bass-drums trio, barely strays from the soul side of previous albums. But do not worry, it is all there: blues, funk, rock and, above all, a lively interpretation. If age means anything to Robert Finley, it is that he gets better with years.