Pascal Comelade “Boom Boom” 

November 2023 | 23/11, MUSIC

An artist as crazy and unclassifiable as he is brilliant, traveling between France and Catalonia, he sings in both languages and released dozens of albums with the Bel Canto Orchestra (characterized by the unsystematic use of toy instruments) or as a solo artist. Some of these are hard to find, as they have never been released digitally. The number of his collaborations is as impressive as the range of musical genres he swept across. He also provided soundtracks for numerous performances and films. If he is adept at mixing, most of productions by Pascal Comelade are imbued with the rock’n’roll and repetitive music he loves. Boom Boom, almost entirely instrumental, is in this vein. There are no surprises for those who already know him, but no disappointments either, as he delivers a fine vintage. With this album, he demonstrates, as he has throughout his career, that rock is not just a sound or an attitude, it is a way of being in the world, and some artists have taken this to heart. Pascal Comelade is one of them.