Jazzrausch Bigband ” Malher’s Breakdown “

January 2024 | 23/11, MUSIC

It is agreed that jazz is a music of crossbreeding and that its crossing, with other styles, could generate lasting movements, such as free-jazz, or sub-genres of hip-hop. However, the marriage with electronic music remains less frequent and to my knowledge seeing a big band in residence in a techno club is a first. Even if it can count up to thirty musicians, the soul of this group is above all the expression of the trombonist Roman Sladek and the composer Leonhard Kuhn. They have enjoyed international success and have published more than ten albums, each with a supporting theme. On this disc, it is the compositions of Gustave Malher, which served as the basis for their work and the result is quite astonishing: we find the energy of fanfare music with brass in the forefront, a gently funky groove carried by beautiful guitar or solo instrument parts, the rhythm is worthy of trendy house clubs and combines acoustic and electronic percussion. It’s difficult, when listening to such a record, not to be drawn into tapping your foot and nodding your head. This is enough to cheer up the most jaded people.